bauku extrusion technology
the original since 1956

The bauku brochures

Download of bauku brochures in pdf-formate: 

profilline-2020-03: Overview about the available machinery types

profilline-p-2020-03: Machinery for high ring stiffness profile pipes

profilline-s-2023-09: Machinery for high inside pressure pipes

profilline-c-2020-04: Corrugator for core tubes, suplementary for p-series

profilline-2020-03-fr: Vue d'ensemble des types de machines disponibles

profilline-p-2020-03-fr; Machine pour tubes profilés à rigidité annulaire                                                         élevée

The customer brochures

Download of brochures of selected customers in pdf-formate:

spriolite manholes:  Manhole design by Chevron, USA

underground report: Newspaper of Hardie Iplex, Australia

project reference: List of projects from Hawle Kunststoff, Germany

Sistema Spiralen: General product information by Tubenorsa, Spain