bauku extrusion technology
the original since 1956


Spiral winding technology

We offer different machinery lines to the market:

p-series: profile pipes, high ring stiffness

c-series: core tube, supplementary for the p-series

s-series: solid wall pipes, high inside pressure

f-series: fittings, for high inside pressure

All these machines (except the c-series) are based on our famous spiral winding technology. The extruder is placed on a carriage and is passing a winding station. The station is equipped with an inner form (mandrel), which is rotating. The extruded profile is wound onto the form and the movements of the mandrel and the carriage result in a spiral winding structure. Depending on the machinery type, this winding process can include several layers, hollow profiles and compounds with GRP or steel. The process can handle PE100 as well as modern PP.