S-Series: production cycle




The three winding stations are ready to take the selected mandrels.




The mandrels are placed on the winding stations, the extruder on the carriage moves to the first station and starts the heating process of the mandrel surface.



The spiral winding of the solid wall profile starts.




The extruder is passing the first mandrel forward and backward and extrudes several profile layers until the final wall thickness is reached.



The first pipe is extruded completly and the cooling process starts. The extruder is moving to the second winding station. The heating of the mandrel starts and the first Profile layer is winded on the form.



The extruder is moving forward and backward to reach the designed wall thickness.




The second pipe is finished and starts the cooling process. Meanwhile the first pipe has cooled underneath of 60° C and is trasnported with the mandrel to the dismantling station. Here the mandrel is pulled out of the pipe. The extruder is now busy with the pipe on the third winding station.



While the extruder is winding several layers on the third winding Station, mandrel number one is back on teh first station and is swaiting for the next production cycle.



The video clip. Have a look at the machine in action under the following link: