s-series: general information

The s-series extrusion lines are optimised for the production of PE solid wall pipes and composite pipes made from PE100 and glass fibre or steel wire, however the extruder and the tools can also handle PP instead. We recommend PE 100, as this material offers a high resistance against breaks under inner pressure.


The winded solid wall pipes are designed to reach a high inside pressure resistance with a low material weight. The most economic product is the composite pipe with either a glass fibre net inside the PE100 layer or a steel wire net. The composite pipe saves up to 45 % PE compared to a conventional pipe with just PE 100. The smooth inside and outside wall covers all applications for high inside pressure. The PE 100 allows not only to handle sewer or to store aggressive chemicals, it is also perfect for drinking water applications.

The extrusion process is highly flexible and just one extrusion line handles all diameters from DN 800 to DN 4000, just by changing the mandrels (steel forms). There is no need for a mass production, the extrusion line for example fabricates a 6 m pipe DN 2000 and just minutes later a 6 m pipe DN 1000. The pipe are manufactured with plain ends, ready for the use of the butt welding technology.

Flexibility is our strength!

diameter range DN 800 to DN 4000
pipe length 1,5 m to 6 m
pressure class SDR 33 to SDR 11
output capacity up to 1000 kg/h
resin: PE100 or PP, + fibre or steel