P-Series: technical details

The strength of the p-series is the extrusion of profile pipes with hollow chambers in the wall structure. A few typical profiles are shown below. Black with blue colour is typical for PE100, grey with brown colour is typical for PP; however each profile can be produced with both materials.


As the profile pipes manufactured with the profilline p-series are mainly for high ring stiffness applications with just a low inside pressure, the pipes are consequently designed for outside loads. Even though the famous bauku pipe system can be adjusted to any stiffness required, we can give some examples regarding the relation between stability and weight.



It is our recommendation to use modern PP for high stiffness values as the e-modulus is much higher compared with PE100. Depending on the profile and the pipe diameter PP is saving up to 40 % material.



Nevertheless our extrusion lines are able to use PE100 as well. It is the decision of the customer, which material he prefers for his application.