p-series: products

water technology

Our modern PP and PE100 materials are available with drinking water and food storage certificates and certainly rain water can be handled easily as well. Furthermore our products are resistant against salty water which makes them number one for seao outtake or sea intake pipelines.





Due to the high chemical resistance of PP and PE our pipe systems can handle every kind of sewer easily. We also cover all embedding conditions and take all static loads. In case of very slow water speed in the system it is important to know that dirt and sediments do not stick constantly to our material. We call this the “self-cleaning effect”.



Industry technology

High concentrations of aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and sometimes inner pressure - this makes the industry technology a sophisticated application. Often industry customers also require to follow their in-house standards in addition to national or international standards. Our production is flexible enough to meet the specifications.



Landfill technology

Here the quality of a pipe system is tested to its limits. There is no other environment which is so difficult.  Only PE and PP are able to handle these conditions. Settlement in the waste up to 30 %, aggressive liquids, aggressive  gas,  high  temperatures and a load of up to  100 m waste on top of our pipes. We have proven to be successful under these conditions for decades.