p-series: production cycle



In our example we prepared three different mandrels for the production cycle. The first mandrel is heated up to a surface temperature of 200° C. As soon as the temperature level is reached, the winding of the profile on the mandrel starts.



The winding process on the first mandrel is nearly finished, the mandrels number 2 and 3 are waiting for the winding process.



The first pipe of 6 m length including socket and spigot is finisehd and is cooling down now. The heating process of the second mandrel just started.




The second pipe is nearly finished, the first pipe is still cooling down on the winding station.




The second pipe is finished and pipe number one is transported to the dismantling station. The mandrel is folded down and is pulled out of the pipe. The heating process of mandrel number three starts.



The production process of pipe number three is in progress, pipe number 2 is still cooling down and mandrel number one is back on the winding station and is ready for the next production cycle.



Pipe number three is finished and is cooling down, pipe number two is at the dismantling station. The extruder is back at winding station one and starts to heat up the mandrel number one once again. The production cycle is completed.