p-series: machinery concept


A-1.00: rail system

A-2.00: energy supply chain

Each PROFILLINE  P-Series serves at least two winding stations, where the mandrels of different sizes are positioned. While the extruder is winding a profile pipe on one station, the previous pipe is cooling down at the second station.

Two winding stations are enough for the extrusion of larger diameters like DN 1400 and bigger. In case smaller diameters are involved, three stations should be installed. Anyway the basic design always includes the complete rail track for three stations, even if just two stations are ordered by the customer. In case a third station shall be added later, it is easy to integrate this equipment.

The extruder is travelling on a carriage over a rail system, the winding stations are fixed on the ground. This is the most efficient system for production, as the heaviest parts of the machine are fixed and the parts with a lower weight are movable. The carriage with extruder may reach a unit weight of about 4 tons, however the biggest mandrel DN 4000 with the biggest pipe on top may easily reach up to 20 tons.

This modular design is a big advantage for the customer. A complete set of mandrels from diameter DN 300 to DN 4000 would quite an investment for the start-up of the production. However each customer decides about the exact size of the initial mandrel package. Additional mandrels can be ordered later any time.

The flexibility of our concept allows a just in time production of pipes, just by choosing the right mandrel sizes for the winding stations. Consequently also the dismantling station is able to take all diameters and  up to three extrusion lines can be served with just one equipment. Here mandrel and pipe are separated.

We take care, that our products are stress-free, which means that we cool down the plastic pipes slowly without using a water bath or air-conditioning.  Low stresses in the material are important, once cutting or welding word shall be carried out.

The right temperature to extract the pipe from the mandrel is important for the quality of the product.

As soon as the temperature of the produced pipe is falling below 60°C, pipe and mandrel are transported to the dismantling station.

The mandrel is folded in and the pipe is pulled from the mandrel surface. Now the mandrel is folded up again and is ready to return to the winding station for the next production cycle.