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06. July 2016

change of company register form

We would like to inform our business partners, that we changed our company register form in order to integrate the Hawerkamp Maschinenbau more into the Hawle Group of Companies. At the same time we proudly announce, that the Hawle Deutschland Beteiligung GmbH increased the shares in the company to 70 %, whereas Dipl.Ing. Marcus Hawerkamp as general manager holds 30 % of the shares. See the enclosed download version of the news for further details:

  HM-Aktuelle-Nachrichten-16-07-06.pdf    HM-latest-news-16-07-06-d.pdf



11. September 2015

obituary for Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp

With deep sadness we have to inform our business partners that Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp, one of the founders of bauku and a general manager of the company for several decades, passed away last Wednesday. Here we supply the obituary as a download version. 



26. March 2015

bauku and Hawle publish a press release

Both companies join forces to strengthen the international machinery business as well as the national pipe business. There is a special press release for the pipe plant under and we welcome you to visit the website of our sister company. The download file below mainly deals with the commitment of Hawle to support bauku in increasing the market for the machinery technology worldwide. Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp, the general manager of the Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG and Mr. Michael Herbeck, board of directors of the Hawle Armaturen GmbH, give a clear statement regarding the future strategy of the company. 



27. Februar 2015

The Hawle Group is taking 50 % of the shares !

From the very beginning the company has been looking for the right investor to increase the financial strength in international business. Today we proudly present the Hawle Group as the new partner in the Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG. The core business of the new partner is concentrated in the Hawle Armaturen GmbH in Freilassing, Germany, however there are more than 30 companies linked to the Hawle Group. Hawle is taking over 50 % of the shares with the interest to increase the international machinery business. There are no changes in the management of the company, so Dipl-Ing. Marcus Hawerkamp still is the responsible general manager, holding the other 50 % of the shares.


 12. December 2014

bauku divides business in two seperate companies !

Due to the fact that the business for extrusion lines and machinery has been increasing constantly over the last years, the general manager of bauku Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH in Germany, Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp, decided to divide the company into two new enterprises. One company is responsible just for international machinery, which is the new founded Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG, one company will be just responsible for the production of plastic pipe systems and sales in Germany, the Hawerkamp Ingenieurbau und Kunststoffrohrsysteme GmbH. Until the new production company for plastic pipe production is founded, the existing bauku Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH will continue the business under full operation. To strengthen the pipe business in Germany, the company is under restructuring in the moment and a major investor will join the group. Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp, also the general manager of the new Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG proudly informs the existing machinery customers with two official statements. One is the introduction of the old bauku, the other one is the welcome letter of the new machinery company. Both documents are available for download here:

  MI-all-customers-14-12-11r.pdf   MI-all-customers-14-12-12r.pdf


03. December 2014

new machinery company is founded

The bauku family is rising. Up to now the bauku Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH has been responsible for the production and sales of plastic pipe systems in Germany and also for the machinery production and sales internationally. From today the Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG will care for the machinery business. The idea is to concentrate the know how and service for the machinery customers in one company and to get a larger market share with the unique bauku extrusion lines, which are named PROFILLINE.


05. November 2014

bauku starts restructuring process to be fit for the next challanges

In the last years the market for plastic pipes in Germany starts to decrease step by step. 98 % of all houses are connected to sewer and the investment in new pipelines or the repair of old pipelines is on a more or less constant level. Due to the fact that bauku modernised the extrusion lines in the last years and switched to modern PP as raw material for the pipe Systems, the production capacity has been increased by nearly 50 %. This resulted in an over-capacity and to serve the German market in an efficient way, the number of extrusion lines as well as the number of employees has to be reduced. The restructuring process should be completed by end of April 2015 and will enable bauku to have a much stronger position in the pipe market. On the other hand, the market for machinery business is rising constantly and the bauku management decided to found a seperate company for the international business. The name of this new company will be Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH & Co KG and the official registration should be completed within the next few weeks.