pipe marketing


We at bauku have a unique experience in marketing and selling pipe systems, as we started to produce our own pipes for the German Market on our machines as early as in year 1956. We know all competitive products such as concrete, ductile iron, steel, PVC, GRP or other materials from our own history, we know their strength and their weakness and we know how to promote our PE or PP pipes against these materials.


We support our customer’s with promotion media such as:


-       High resolution pictures of pipes

-       High resolution pictures of fittings and manholes

-       High resolution pictures from installation

-       High resolution pictures form production

-       Video clips of production in Germany

-       Video clips of installation in Germany

-       Digital brochures of machinery customer’s



In addition we also attend to seminars which are organised by our customers and we support our partners with speeches and power point presentations. Furthermore we visit trade fairs and also may have our own booth to meet potential customers.  


We also assist in the price calculation of pipes, fittings and manholes in order to find competitive solutions for each special market.