pipe installation

We have not only experience in machinery, since 1956 we have also produced and delivered pipe systems to the German Market and other neighbouring countries with a separate production company, called bauku Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH. So we can offer our customers the ideal combination of experience in both fields, production of plastic pipes on our machines and installation of the pipe systems in the field.

The installation standard for Europe is defined in the EN 1610, which is available for download under www.beuth.de or other registered publishing houses in the European Community. This standard is not written for plastic pipes only, but all different pipe materials and pipe systems are included, which makes this standard very important for contractors and consultant engineers.

Our pipes are designed with a minimum wall thickness of 5 mm, which may look overdesigned for diameters DN 300 to DN 1000, but this high quality design enables our pipes to work with all embedding materials defined in the EN 1610. We do not only allow sand, but also mixed soil with stones, gravel or even broken stones. In the end, the proctor density of the embedding material around the pipe is the important point, as this will influence the deformation of the pipe and it defines the quality of the pipe-soil-system for the next 50 years.

The pipe embedding and the static calculation are directly connetced to each other. The selection of the embedding type (1, 2 or 3 according to EN 1610) has consequences in the calculation of the pipe. We strongly recommend that in praxis a supervisor will make sure, that the theoretical static calculation and the real quality of embedding will match the requirements.