pipe fittings and manholes


The unique bauku know-how not only offers pipes, but also the complete package with fittings, manholes and all kind of installations. With large diameter pipes it is not possible to prefabricate complicated fittings and manholes with an automated process, all structures are handmade. The advantage is, that the parts are specially designed for each project and they meet exactly the requirements of each customer.

It all starts with the analysis of the available general drawings of the consultant engineer in the project and the discussion with the end user. In a second step we prepare design drawings of our manholes or fittings and we adjust the drawings until the customer is satisfied.

Once the detailed fabrication drawings are handed over to the workers, the structures are made from extruded pipes by cutting, milling, drilling and welding. The welding process is extremely important as this is the key to enable us to provide any kind of product design. It is necessary to train the welders carefully and a special welding certificate should be earned at an independent institute to ensure the high quality of the extrusion welding process. The extrusion welding process is different from the butt fusion or electro fusion process which has been implemented in the pressure pipe business, however extrusion welding is extremely important – without this process there is no chance to build complicated manholes and structures. This welding technology is defined in the German Guideline DVS 2207-4 and all related guidelines of the German Association for Welding.



We have experience in plastic design, construction and welding since 1956 and we are able to share this know-how with our customers to support them to offer a complete pipe system to the local market.