f-series/machinery concept


The PROFILLINE F-Series is tailor-made to the needs of the customer. We have two standard solutions, which are named F-1000 and F-500, but we are flexible enough to design the machines for special product requirements if necessary.

Each PROFILLINE F-1000 serves  two double winding stations, where the mandrels of different sizes are positioned. The products winded on the mandrels have normally a big wall thickness, which is storing a lot of heat energy and it is asking for a long cooling time. That is why the two double winding stations offer up to four different mandrels for the production sequence. By the time the extruder finished the extrusion on the fitting number four, the mandrel number one should be ready for the next sequence.

The cooling process is not using water and not even cooled air – just the surrounding air is taking the heat energy from the plastic. This makes the cooling process slow, but on the other hand this is not creating frozen-in stresses and – even more important for pressure pipe fittings – it is not creating any voids on the inside of the fitting wall.

To work on the different mandrels at the winding stations, the extruder travels with a carriage on a rail system. The mandrels have a length of 2 m and are just fixed with one side to the double winder. The other end is free, which allows to dismantle the extruded pipes by folding the mandrel, without moving it to a dismantling station. This innovative system saves a lot of time in the production cycle, as just the plastic products are moved, but the tools (mandrels) stay in place, directly ready for the next extrusion process.

Each double winding station is able to handle mandrels from diameter OD 400 mm to OD 2500 mm. The typical pressure classes (or wall thickness classes) are SDR 11 and SDR 17 in combination with PE100 as raw material. The extrusion line is working with up to four different diameters on the two double winders and is also able to handle every wall thickness from 5 mm up to 300 mm, just by changing the program in the central control cabinet. This flexibility in the layout is perfect to produce even small quantities of one diameter and on product in an efficient way.

To get more details about the PROFILLINE F-500, please look at the available brochures.

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