f-series/general information

The F-Series extrusion lines are optimised for the production of PE100 solid wall fittings, however the extruder and the tools can also handle modern PP instead. The machine is flexible enough to produce any kind of wall thickness which is required and it is even possible to wind  hubs for stub end fittings exactly at the right position at the pipe. This makes the surface treatment later much more effective. Compared with the traditional method to extrude full solid wall pipes with the complete wall thickness, this saves about 50 % material.


The winded solid wall fittings are designed to reach high inside pressure classes.The winding process has been invented by bauku in 1956 and has been developed since the early days to the high tech level of today.


The special outside surface design and smooth inside of the fittings can be used for various applications. The PE100 allows not only to handle sewer or to store aggressive chemicals, it is also perfect for drinking water and food storage. The extrusion process is highly flexible and just one extrusion line handles all diameters from OD 400 to OD 2500, just by changing the mandrels (steel forms). There is no need for a mass production, the extrusion line fabricates a 2 m fitting OD 2000 and just minutes later a 2 m fitting OD 1000 (for example). The most sensible part in a plastic pressure pipe system is the joint. To be able to withstand the high stresses in this area, we recommend to use the butt fusion process here. The fittings are extruded with plain ends in that case, so that they fit in a butt fusion machine in the factory or at the job site.