c-series/general information

The C-Series extrusion lines are designed tu supply a high quality core tube for the P-Series extrusion lines. The core tube is the forming element (or filler) for the round shaped hollow profile. As an important point is the temperature resistance of the core tube, we have optimised the C-Series for the use of modern PP types.


For the feeding of the P-Series machines we need four sizes of the core tube:

- type 30 mm              -type 50 mm                -type 80 mm         -type 100 mm



One C-Series extrusion line is able to serve up to three P-Series extrusion lines with the necessary amount of core tube. The tube is winded to rollers, which can be placed in the storage easily to have a production buffer available any time. These rollers are placed directly in the unwind chamber of the P-Series machines.