bauku know-how UG

Our customers have the choice to just buy a new extrusion line on key turn basis or to start an exclusive partnership in a defined geografical region. The maximum cooperation is a joint venture, however it is our strategy, not to invest money in foreign companies, but to offer our strategic and symbolic partnership against a minor percentage of shares. We have a seperate company which is available to be the partner for a strategic or symbolic partnership:

bauku know-how UG

This company is able to grant the customer the right to use the bauku name as well as the bauku logo. This company is able to grant exclusive customer relations in a certain region or to supply information about bauku patents or developments.

If all partners use the possibilities in the right way, this is a classic "win-win-situation" and a good reason for us to look for a long term relationship.

The idea of an exclusivity or a joint venture can be discussed together with the first machinery deal or later, as long as we did not grant any other partner in this region this kind of cooperation.

Furthermore we provide support in static calculations, general design or we work as independent consultant in case of a damage. Whatever support we offer, it is only available for bauku customer's exclusively. 

In case you have a direct request to the bauku know-how UG you are invited to use the following email address: Otherwise you can turn anytime to the contact page of the Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH (bauku) to learn more about our services.