Even so the company is new on the market, the management is looking back at a history in plastic business since the year 1956. Climbing down from the top of the tree to its roots, our unique experience becomes obvious.


Foundation of the new machinery company. To demonstrate the family history in plastic pipe and machinery business, the family name is cleary pointed out:

Hawerkamp Maschinenbau und Kunststoffrohr GmbH


All extrsuion lines with the brand Name RROFILLINE P-Series are optimised for the use of modern PP. Once more the Hawerkamp machinery technology is leading world wide, offering the PP concept as a standard up to the profile pipe DN 4000.


The extrusion lines are designed to work with PE100 as well as with modern PP. A special mixing and dosing system allows to create a company colour for the produced pipe systems. The light grey becomes the unique colour of bauku profile pipes.


The German Industry Standard DIN 16961 is published. Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp has been a member of the standard comittee.


The famous patent of spiral winding of a profile on a steel mandrel is officially published. 


The Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH (bauku) is founded, Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp and Mr. Werner Hawerkamp (father and grandfather of Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp) invented the winding process for large diameter pipes.